Monday, November 2, 2009

Silvan Ornaments

I've recently discovered the joys of polymer clay. This plastic-y clay is quite easy to work with, and may be cured in a kitchen oven. After it's been cured, it is lightweight, and won't break when dropped...which is always an important feature in anything I am interested in. I have been making Christmas ornaments out of this versatile substance, all to do with woodsy things. I call them Silvan Ornaments! It has been quite enjoyable for me to work on these, as it both satisfies my inescapable yet way too early longing for Christmas, as well as my creative instincts. I have several leaves, a mushroom or two, an acorn, and an owl so far. I'm going to make some snowflakes, perhaps some little critters, and the requisite snowman for my mother. They aren't all done yet, but here are some photos for those interested. I also have a couple listed in my etsy shop, and more will be forthcoming.


  1. What charming little ornaments! Love them.

  2. Why thank you! So glad you like them. :)