Monday, October 26, 2009

My latest knitting projects.

I decided one day recently that I wanted to create a knitting pattern. Or, at least, knit something without the use of a pattern. So, I went to this lovely etsy shop, which sells both fantastic hats and patterns to create them yourself! I created a hat based on some of hers. I did not use a pattern, and unfortunately, also forgot to write anything down. So, this will be the only hat of this style I will make. But I love the way it turned out! Shown with it are my wrist warmers, otherwise known as fingerless gloves, which I adore and for which Dan makes fun of me every time I wear them. He apparently can't comprehend how essential properly clad wrists are to one's general feeling of warmth. I, who wear them frequently, comprehend this perfectly and will continue to wear them regardless of the opposition I receive from the philistines. (Just kidding Dan! I could never speak in such a way about the foremost patron of my artistic existence!)


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  2. Love the hat and especially the fingerless gloves! You're so cool!