Sunday, March 6, 2011

Big Changes Ahead

The World is least my world.

Dan and I, after eighteen long months of trying, are now expecting our first baby. I am so thankful for the little Squirt, or Baby Leroy, as Dan calls him. Or her. We don't know yet, and we have no plans to name the baby Leroy. I'm not sure where Dan came up with that one. In my optimism, or self-delusion, it never occurred to me that the less pleasant side affects of pregnancy would be an issue, but they have. I am now halfway through my twelfth week, and have been sick in some form or other for most of them. It has been a challenge that has greatly reduced my creative output, which is why this blog has been silent for so long. However, I am feeling a bend in the road. I'm nearly done with my first trimester, and am optimistic (or deluded?) that things will be better from here on out. I saw my baby in an ultrasound, and fell in love with him. His little smeary black and white image twitching and hopping, his tiny fists waving, his heart a little flutter of motion in his chest.

Another change afoot is that we are moving to Ohio! This is a boon in many ways, especially in that we'll be closer to family. I know both sets of grandparents are quite excited about this, and I share their excitement. It will be difficult, I think, to leave Virginia. I love it here. The friendly people, my friends. Our church, our community, the mountains. But there are lovely things about Ohio, not the least of which is proximity to family. The sky is marvelous there, and since the land is so flat you can see a great deal of it. The summers are also wonderful. Not too hot, not too chilly. Really every season is wonderful except winter, unless you really like snow. Anyway, the times, they are a-changin', and I pray for the grace that will make these changes successful!