Thursday, September 22, 2011

Silas Daniel

I am now a mother! My little buddy, Silas Daniel, was born on September 2 at 11:24 am, and he weighed 7 lbs even. I adore him. I really like being a mom too, although there are a couple of things that I wasn't necessarily prepared for. For example: I think anybody can survive, even thrive, on very little sleep temporarily. But when you're a mom, you don't get to recover. It's just lack of sleep every night in unending succession. I should have been prepared for this, but naively I wasn't. It just didn't occur to me. Another thing that I wasn't prepared for was the recovery period. I knew I would be sore, but I didn't realize just how sore, nor for how long I would feel that way. One good thing, however, is that since I'm nursing I have been soooo hungry. I weigh less now than before I got pregnant, and I am eating near constantly. This is refreshing for me, as I had gestational diabetes and was seriously limited in my diet during the third trimester of my pregnancy. Now, it is gone and I can eat whatever I want. Let me tell you, I am enjoying my rediscovered culinary freedom immensely. And now for some photos of my little man, you can visit my brother's girlfriend's blog here. He looks just like his Daddy.