Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another New Hobby!

I've started another new hobby. Making soy candles! (dum de de daaa!) It's not as difficult as I thought it might be. Probably because there's very little chemistry involved, unlike soap. Which, by the way, has cured and is in the process of being tested by friends and family members alike. My feedback is thus: nice, light clean fragrance, good lather, soft and creamy, but perhaps the lather could last longer. Any soap makers out there have any tips for a longer lasting lather? This is all after one or two uses, so I recommended using the little tester bars all up and getting back to me. Anywho, about candles. I purchased my materials from Candle Science, and it got to me the very next day! I was amazed, and gratified to be able to start my new adventure without delay. I should have delayed, however. I have a hot glue gun currently in residence at my mother's house, and the little video tutorial I watched suggested using it to glue the wicks down. Instead of waiting for the hot glue gun to arrive in the mail, I just used regular glue. Note to self: glue encased between two non-porous layers will not dry. Hot glue, of course, would not have had to dry. It would have hardened. So, I melted my wax, added the dye chips and fragrance, stirred thoroughly, and poured it into my prepared candle tins. Immediately, wicks started bobbing to the surface. So, I poured the wax back out, put it in a pan of hot water to stay melted, and held the wicks in place until the residue cooled and solidified and held them in place for me. Then I poured more wax in, and the residue melted, and the wicks once again popped up. Urghh!Eventually I got it to work, by pouring a little wax in at a time, but I haven't made any candles since. I am dutifully waiting for my hot glue gun to arrive in the mail, having learned my lesson about patience. At least for this project. Incidentally, I love soy candles because they are eco-friendly and burn clean! No sooty marks on the ceiling above the candles!