Thursday, November 12, 2009

Etsy Gift Guide

So, for those who aren't aware, etsy puts together gift guides of various items the etsy admin chooses. It's just one way to promote various sellers and aid the buyers at the same time. I was so excited to find out this morning that my Fly Agaric mushroom ornament has been featured in one. It is the Holiday Ornaments gift guide. I have no idea how long it will be in there, because I'm not really sure how it works. But, it has gotten me some extra views and hearts, so it's cool with me! Dan immediately suggested I make some more. Perhaps I will. I have some polymer clay left, but I thought I'd wait and see if I get any more sales. I've sold one ornament so far. On a completely different note, I went to the coffee shop today, since it was drizzly and cold and generally a coffee-type day. Man, did that ever hit the spot. For about five years now I've been drinking tea instead of coffee, but I've decided to get a French press and coffee grinder for Christmas. I'm ready to reemerge into the coffee world.


  1. Congrats!! We had two products featured in the Home Chef and Hostess Categories...isn't it soo exciting??

  2. Yes, very! And congrats to you too! :)