Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sharon's Hands

I posted a new drawing on SilvanArt today, the drawing I did of Sharon's hands, and immediately I started getting some views. I discovered something invaluable. New postings come up first, so when I post something new, people will see it, click on it, and come to my shop. Therefore, I will not post several new items at once. I will post them on different days, to keep traffic alive in my shop. This makes sense to me. When I fist drew Sharon's Hands, she told me that she wanted me to "pretty them up" for her. I think her hands are beautiful the way they are. I wrote a bit about this on my etsy listing. Her hands have such character. You can look at them, and see the life she's lived. The hours spent in the kitchen preparing food for her family, the time she spent on her knees, scrubbing and making her home beautiful. Whenever I meet a new person, I find myself looking at their hands. Whenever I see an old friend, I do the same. For whatever reason, hands fascinate me.


  1. What kind of stories do my hands tell?

  2. Stories of endless tickling of younger sisters and newborn babies, of typing for hours on end, of starting expensive mowers, of nabbing slices of peaches before they're ready to be served. Ahh the stories...