Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rockbridge Arts Guild

I was browsing online through various artsy things, and I found the website for the Rockbridge Arts Guild. This seems to be a group of individual artists of various skill levels, and it offers lots of different opportunities for activities and education. By which, I mean critiques of one's work, trips to museums, workshops, and group painting activities. It sounds really neat. I was reading on their newsletter critiques of some artists' work, and one thing really stuck out to me. They talked about practicing drawing every single day, in the same way a musician would practice her instrument every day, to maintain and develop her skill level. This really spoke to me, since, as a musician, I completely understand the necessity of continual practice. So I have decided to keep a sketch journal, in which I will practice my drawing every day. Hopefully, this will help me in my endeavors to become a more skilled artist. In any case, perusing their website refreshed my desire to pursue art, and my excitement in doing so.

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