Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baking endeavors

I have been in rather a baking mood this week. On Monday morning, I sleepily offered Dan some warm soda bread with lunch, only to realize that my recipe called for buttermilk. I don't as a habit keep buttermilk in the house, and I certainly did not want to go to the grocery store (which, along with cleaning the tub, is one of my least favorite household chores). So, instead I altered the recipe. I knew one could substitute plain yogurt for buttermilk, but I had only vanilla, so I put that in and left out the sugar. It is a steamed bread, so for the first 30 minutes of baking it is sealed up in two round baking dishes, one on top the other. The top dish is removed for the final 15 minutes, and it gets nice and brown and beautiful. I love that first picture, it's like a glamor shot for my bread!Here, my bread is cooling on the colander. I keep reminding myself to get a wire rack, but alas! I also keep forgetting. This morning Dan woke me up saying how delicious pumpkin pancakes sounded! So, like the dutiful wife I am, I made him some pancakes! I good friend of mine taught me that you can substitute pumpkin for eggs in pancakes, which is what I did. They turned out really well too.Viola! There you have my culinary adventures for the week. I would be happy to share recipes with anyone interested!

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