Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crocheting Dominates Sewing

There are several factors which prevent me from developing a sewing habit. The first of these is that I have no designated sewing space. I have a nice little Singer, but it languishes away in a box in my hobby closet (yes, I have a closet completely filled with various hobby related supplies. I liken it to Dan's closet filled with various computer related empty boxes.) The second factor is my intolerance of mess. I have a mania about cleaning. My house must be tidy. I've accepted it about myself. As you can imagine, dragging the sewing machine and it's accessories, thread, cloth, scissors, stitch rippers (my most important accessory) creates a huge mess, which cannot be neatly put away at the end of a day of crafting. I had a grand scheme to create a Christmas stocking for Dan, who is in need of one, by which I mean I need for him to have one, by which I mean I want for him to have one. I was going to quilt it. I cut out all the pieces, dragged out the sewing machine and appurtenances, wasn't pleased with the way it was going, and left it and its accompanying mess lurking in my office for several days before I gave up and put everything away. Perhaps I'll get it out again one day. But in the mean time, I crocheted some little owlies. Crocheting is such a nice, clean, portable hobby. Everything fits tucked away in a little bag. I did two, the pattern for which can be found here. I think they're adorable, easy, fun, and I'm going to collect owl ornaments from now on.


  1. I love these! They're so adorable! I wish I knew how to crochet.

  2. True that about the sewing mess. Sewing projects take a long time, too, so it is hard to clean everything up then just get it out again to finish. I have several unfinished projects about. But then, I'm no manic cleaner.