Friday, April 2, 2010

Brand new painting

After a long hiatus, in which I was away for a month helping with the pregnancy of my sister and subsequent birth of my niece, among other things, I have returned to the blogging world. I have lately been obsessed with three things: working out (Bikini Ready, Fast! Oh yeah, farewell to the jiggly poundage that kept me warm this long, snowy winter! That is, if I can stick with it long enough to make a dent.), the Appalachian Trail (I have hiked on it a total of three times now, adding up to about, ehhh, six miles or so. But they're really more reconnaissance hikes.), and something else which will remain unnamed. Since this is a creative blog, I shall show you the painting I did yesterday. This one is a bit darker than my usual, but it is now hanging on my wall downstairs, and I believe I'll keep it. I attempted a sort of antiqued linen look for the background, which shows up easier in real life than the photograph, and an Edgar Allen Poe inspired tree with blackbirds. I have not yet named it. I actually had been looking into vinyl wall decals such as this one, thinking to perhaps purchase some contact paper and create my own to fill the empty white expanse of wall near my front door. However, since my walls are not properly painted, only primed, I decided it might not be a good idea to stick contact paper to them. I remembered I had a large blank canvas just hiding out in my closet, waiting for an inspiring moment to metamorphose it into something prettier than a blank canvas, and bada bing! Several hours later the painting is hanging on the wall and I'm sitting on a chair, reading a book, surreptitiously glancing up at it every thirty seconds. Hope you like it!

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